Examine sustainability principles as they apply to the built environment from the economic, environmental and social-equity perspectives. The core elements of green building such as site selection, water conservation & waste management, indoor air quality and building materials will be discussed through case studies and hands-on analysis. Explore planning, design and building problems holistically. Learn about life-cycle analyses, emerging technologies & planning approaches from around the world.

Module Objective

To gain deeper understanding of various aspects of Green Built Environment

To learn about energy efficiency, materials & technology for Green Built Environment

To develop a personal action plan

Topics Covered

The course will help enhance participant’s understanding about...

  • Current knowledge of Green Built Environment
  • Technological and socio-political influence of an architectural practice on the green built environment
  • LEED, GRIHA, IGBC, USGBC Rating Systems: Significance Parameters, Application
  • Research and practice in natural buildings
  • Passive Solar Architecture:  Design tool Application, Principles and Case Studies

Pedagogical Approach

  • Illustrative talks by industry experts, academicians and scientists
  • Facilitated discussions 
  • Review of case study
  • Site-based learning/exposure visit.

Capacity Development Programme in Environment Management 2019-2020